Alex Lahey shares brand new song ‘Spike the Punch’
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  • Post published:24/10/2021
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Alex Lahey shares brand new song ‘Spike the Punch’


    Alex Lahey – ‘Spike the Punch’

    Australian alt-rocker Alex Lahey has returned with a brand new single, ‘Spike the Punch’.

    Quietly one of indie rock’s most reliably great singer-songwriters, Lahey is in a dangerous position of being taken for granted due to her sheer quantity of quality material. Lahey doesn’t miss, and hasn’t put out a bad song, video, or album yet, which makes it easy to simply write off whatever she puts out as a mother great piece of work and keep moving forward.

    That would be a travesty because Lahey is uber-talented. ‘Spike the Punch’ practically forces you to pay attention with its opening line: “I got my ass kicked / it was fantastic.” From there, the propulsive synth-rock track keeps layering in new layers of keyboards and guitars as it races to its explosive pop-punk chorus. Evidently, she learned a thing or two from that ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ cover, namely how to make guitars sound distorted and pristine at the same time. Eat your heart out, Olivia Rodrigo.

    “‘Spike the Punch’ is a song about the fun that comes with self-sabotage and reckless abandon. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s fun, it’s its own beast,” Lahey explains. “There are some super sinister tones in there rubbing up against really bright anime style guitar harmonies (guitarmonies, anyone?..) and shouted choruses. ‘Spike’ feels like a raucous bookend to navigating these cruelly unpredictable times. Touch wood.”

    Honestly, with its bombastic energy and monster combination of sounds, ‘Spike the Punch’ sounds a lot like an Andrew W.K. song, specifically the title track to his debut LP I Get Wet. I love that, probably because I have a completely non-ironic love of that Andrew W.K. album and think that everyone making rock, punk, pop, or any combination of the three should make records that sound like that. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth really, really, really overdoing. It’s that insane level of excitement that Lahey is able to translate into ‘Spike the Punch’, and the results are gleefully berserk. Destruction never sounded so good.

    Check out the video for ‘Spike the Punch’ down below.

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