Amyl & The Sniffers announce live-stream concert to celebrate ‘Comfort To Me’
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  • Post published:19/09/2021
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(Credit: Amyl & The Sniffers)

Amyl & The Sniffers announce live-stream concert to celebrate ‘Comfort To Me’

    Sharp-tongued punks Amyl & The Sniffers have announced that they’ll be releasing a live-streamed performance to celebrate their new album Comfort To Me. The Melbourne outfit’s pre-recorded show will see them play through the entire album in one take in a mystery location described only as “a slab of concrete in a suburban wasteland somewhere in Melbourne”.

    Fans can catch the live performance on October 5th. The stream will be available across multiple time zones depending on the viewer’s region. Tickets are on sale now through Noon Chorus.

    In an excited Instagram post, Amyl & The Sniffers wrote: “We will be performing the new album Comfort To Me in full live on film – streaming worldwide October 5th. Tickets on our website! Aus still in lockdown so virtual gig only way to see it played live ASAP”.

    Amyl & The Sniffers released Comfort To Me to ecstatic reviews. The underground punk outfit have been slowly rising to the surface for some years now and, with this new album, have produced their most mature and accelerating work to date.

    While their debut EP contained all the raucous energy of classic punk acts, it failed to add anything new to the genre. Comfort To Me, however, takes the band in a fresher direction. With this new album, frontman Amy Taylor said they were keen to pursue a more original, cleaner sound: “We needed to make a whole new thing,” explained Taylor. “Higher production and all that, we wanted it to sound fucking awesome.”

    The record feels far more reflective than their debut, whilst remaining firmly rooted in the confrontation, snarling style that has defined their live shows from the very start. Unfortunately, due to Australia’s Covid restrictions, fans will have to wait until November to see Amyl & The Sniffers perform on UK soil.


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