Andy Shauf shares new single ‘Spanish On The Beach’
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  • Post published:04/09/2021
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Credit: Colin Medley

Andy Shauf shares new single ‘Spanish On The Beach’

    Back in 2020, Andy Shauf landed one of the albums of the year with his mellow trip to the moon on the ‘life regaled from a barstool’ concept record The Neon Skyline.

    Throughout his vulnerably exposed extolling of joyous indie, the character of Judy is a recurring protagonist and once more she seems to be the cause of Shauf’s musical fixation on his brand-new single ‘Spanish On The Beach’. 

    For the single, he sticks closely to the same sonic tones as the record that landed among Barack Obama’s yearly round-up, however, this time the romantic shenanigans take place on a sunny promenade in the Costa del Somewhere of a non-specific Spanish resort. 

    In a statement accompanying the release of the single, Shauf remarked: “It’s the same theme as the story ended up being at the Skyline but the narrator’s life is a little bit booze-fuelled.” 

    It’s a familiar tale for many, the first trip abroad is the quintessential make or break moment where all flaws are amplified under the supposed boon of the sun. As he adds: “And this vacation is kind of like the first stop on the way to destruction.”

    This single launch probably doesn’t indicate a second 12-inch instalment, however, as it seems so sonically similar to the last that it is probably one of the many tracks that ventured a little too far from his one-night-in-drunken-reminisce concept and ended up on the ash heap. 

    The probable cause for its phoenix-like restoral from the cutting floor, is a) it’s simply a very pleasant listen that broadens the oeuvre of Neon Skyline to see how it sounds with a tan, and b) he’s about to embark on a tour next week. 

    He starts by wayfaring his way across the no doubt neon-red-lit venues and bars of the US before heading to Europe for more all-inclusive fun and flaws. You can find out more details on his official website and catch the single below. 


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