Angels & Airwaves announce sixth album ‘Lifeforms’
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  • Post published:22/06/2021
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(Credit: Jonathan Weiner)

Angels & Airwaves announce sixth album ‘Lifeforms’

    American prog-punk band Angels & Airwaves have announced details regarding their upcoming sixth studio album Lifeforms.

    The Tom DeLonge-fronted project have also announced plans to tour behind the new record, crisscrossing the globe in search of aliens new venues to bring their trippy brand space rock.

    I joke about DeLonge and his obsession with extraterrestrial life, but given how much honest to god respect his To The Stars Academy has gotten, maybe fringe science and ufology are slowly walking out of the realm of conspiracy theory and into the light of legitimacy. To his credit, DeLonge seems less interested in little green men doing anal probes and more curious about the smaller, more believable unidentified technologies, which is good in the sense that he doesn’t seem completely crazy, but disappointing in the sense that the platonic ideal of Tom DeLonge is as someone who makes frequent anal references.

    Angels & Airwaves is the more serious, less goofy musical project formed by DeLonge after his Blink-182 bandmates either couldn’t stop writing songs about blow jobs or wouldn’t let DeLonge write more songs about aliens existing. Originally called an “art project” instead of a band, there’s no sophomoric humour or album titles like Take Off Your Pants and Jacket: A&A will instead inundate you with albums like Love and Love: Part II. It’s just pretentious enough for you to roll your eyes at, but DeLonge’s desire to be taken more seriously, coupled with his fairly convincing turn to spacey grandiose prog rock, makes Angels & Airwaves a rewarding vehicle to peek inside the mind of a truly talented individual.

    But just when you think DeLonge might be a sensible human being after all, he goes and launches a renewable hydrogen capsule into space to play the new album in its entirety. We’ve come a long way from songs like ‘Toast and Bananas’.

    Lifeforms will be released on September 24. Check out the first single, ‘Restless Souls’, down below.


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