Animal Collective share new single ‘Strung with Everything’
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  • Post published:21/01/2022
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Animal Collective share new single ‘Strung with Everything’


    Animal Collective – ‘Strung with Everything’

    Baltimore’s favourite band of experimental pop players, Animal Collective, have shared the latest preview of their forthcoming LP Time Skiffs with the sprawling seven-minute ‘Strung with Everything’.

    As was the case with their past singles ‘Walker’ and ‘Prester John’, Animal Collective are playing within more conventional confines on ‘Strung with Everything’, with relatively straightforward time signatures, instruments, and arrangements. Of course, this still being AC, there are plenty of wonky detours as ‘Strung with Everything’ winds its way through seven minutes of psyched-out bliss.

    With a spacey intro that spills into an easy pop track, ‘Strung with Everything’ subtly builds and builds as it continues to add in more intense piano hits and drum crashes. By the time the song ratchets up the tempo, Panda Bar begins letting out unhinged yelps that threaten to turn the song into a bad trip. Thankfully, everything hangs together for a wonderfully engrossing final product.

    The song also comes with an appropriately trippy video from director Abby Portner. Pairing bright cut-out images with a dreamlike collage of colours, the video pairs perfectly with the vibrant explosion of the song. When paired together, there’s something charmingly innocent and childlike about both the song and the video.

    “Recently for Animal Collective’s live shows I have been designing and animating all of the video content out of cut paper,” says Portner. “I have been editing together symbols and coloured static silhouettes that match the music’s feeling and rhythm. The videos are like pictographs that tell a story organically and simply. For the ‘Strung with Everything’ video we wanted to continue with this process to match the style of the band’s live shows in a music video.” 

    Check out the video for ‘Strung with Everything’ down below. Time Skiffs is set for a February 4th release.

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