Arlo Parks shares Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix of ‘Too Good’
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  • Post published:30/07/2021
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(Credit: Arlo Parks)

Arlo Parks shares Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix of ‘Too Good’

    Arlo Parks – ‘Too Good’ (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)

    English singer-songwriter Arlo Parks is having a pretty great 2021. Her debut, Collapsed Into Sunbeams, has ridden a wave of critical and commercial success all the way to a Mercury Prize nomination, and she’s celebrating the triumph with killer cover after killer cover.

    It’s time for Parks to take a load off and let somebody else carry the weight. Enter Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the New Zealand psychedelic rock band, who have released their own remix of Collapsed Into Sunbeams‘ third track, ‘Too Good’.

    The remix cranks up the soul elements while also creating a more vacuous space for the song to live in. Instead of the sunny and summery vibes of the original, the new remix takes all the good times and warps them through a funhouse mirror. It’s bizarre, like someone has moved everything around the room by only a few inches. There’s not really all that much different on the remix, but it has a slightly more eerie and sinister vibe to it.

    It’s hard not to feel the radiant joy in Parks voice, though, and it’s not like UMO leader Ruban Nielson is trying to subvert the song or anything; it just feels a little more detached and a little less warm than the original recording. It’s cool, but I still prefer the funky and brighter original Parks version.

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra returned this year with their first new material since 2018’s IC-01 Hanoi in the form of the single ‘Weekend Run’. “At the end of the day, I don’t take for granted that I have the perfect job,” Nielson says about the song. “I truly work to make music that will set someone’s day right, and I think that shines through on ‘Weekend Run’.”

    Check out the Unknown Mortal Orchestra remix of ‘Too Good’ down below.


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