Ashnikko shares ‘Maggots’ and ‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’
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  • Post published:05/10/2021
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Ashnikko shares ‘Maggots’ and ‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’

    American pop-rap troubadour Ashnikko has released two new songs, ‘Maggots’ and ‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’.

    “’Panic Attacks in Paradise’ and ‘Maggots’ were both written when I was in a very low place,” Ashnikko explains. “A nasty festering place where brushing my teeth and getting out of bed felt like a win. ‘PAIP’ is a commentary on how much I was annoying myself at the time. Everything was fine. I was healthy and my career was going great.

    “I was in a metaphorical ‘paradise’, but alas my brain chemistry had other plans. I was in so much pain and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I was an insufferable mess, so obsessed with my own hurt. I was leading it around with me like a rabid dog, letting it bite anyone I came into contact with.”

    ‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’ features a gently strummed acoustic guitar as its central feature. The track is filled with inner turmoil and trauma, directly referencing how making music is an outlet to deal with all the difficulties of life. I don’t know if the heavy autotune is necessary since, from what I’ve heard, Ashnikko has a pretty good voice and it doesn’t really add anything weird or fun to the track, but it’s not my track make those decisions on.

    “Where ‘PAIP’ is soft and forlorn, ‘Maggots’ is pure rage. I’m casting a protective shield of electricity around myself and daring anyone to try to cross it,” Ashnikko adds. “I decided that being a little villainous is an easier lifestyle choice. I’d rather be a raging bitch than let people take advantage of my kindness. I will take every parasite burrowing its way into my flesh and flatten it under my boots.”

    That’s pretty metal. ‘Maggots’ is not. It’s gut-churning electronica, with whiplash-inducing additions at every turn. Hyper pop, rap, pop, aggressively bass-heavy EDM. If ever there was an example of Ashnikko’s kitchen sink approach to music, it’s on ‘Maggots’. It honestly reminds me a lot of 100 Gecs, a band I originally hated, then loved, and almost completely forgot about since I graduated college. I’m gonna go back and listen to ‘money machine’ so I can feel like I’ve aged 20 years in just six months.

    Check out the audio for both ‘Panic Attacks in Paradise’ and ‘Maggots’ down below.


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