AU/RA shares brand new single ‘Screw Feelings’
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  • Post published:07/08/2021
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(Credit: AU/RA – Press)

AU/RA shares brand new single ‘Screw Feelings’

    AU/RA – ‘Screw Feelings’

    Jamie Lou Stenzel, the teenager behind the alt-pop moniker AU/RA, has released a brand new song, the completely-over-it jam ‘Screw Feelings’.

    “Screw Feelings is about being utterly done with dealing with the ups and downs of having emotions and wishing you didn’t have them at all,” Stenzel explains. “This song is so special to me because it was the first, and still was the only time, I made a song with only women in the room.” 

    “After filming the Aviation movie in Oslo with Alan Walker, I flew to Stockholm to meet with a really cool young producer – Elvira Anderfjärd – who brought in her friend Tove Burman – both of them happen to be around my age. I’ve been making music since I was 13 years old and am 19 now, so having only women in the room, let alone women my age, was a big deal to me and it felt really cathartic. We were all so full of the same energy, and frustration about feeling the way we did, it was amazing.”

    If you’re wondering how the hell a 19-year-old already has this much experience in the entertainment industry, apart from the fact that she has some genuinely awesome songs, wonder no longer: her father, Torsten Stenzel, is an industry lifer with a fairly significant footprint in the German EDM evolution of the late ’90s. He and his brother Jörg created the group York in 1997, and Torsten has worked with everyone from Moby to Mike Oldfield, plus a number of film soundtracks.

    But getting back to AU/RA, ‘Screw Feelings’ is basically the kind of song Olivia Rodrigo would probably make if she went more explicitly in the electronica direction. Images of taking a baseball bat to the heart, going from being on fire to being bored at a moments notice, liking having butterflies in your stomach. It’s all there, and Stenzel even has a similar vocal style to Rodrigo. Keep the sad-sack teenage jams coming, I say, because being an adult sucks and escapism is sometimes incredibly necessary.

    Check out the video for ‘Screw Feelings’ down below.


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