Baby Queen shares new video for ‘Narcissist’
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  • Post published:12/10/2021
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Baby Queen shares new video for ‘Narcissist’


    Only about a month ago, South African-born London-based singer Bella Latham, better known by her stage moniker Baby Queen, released her debut mixtape, The Yearbook. Now, the pop singer-songwriter has dropped a Marie Antionette-inspired video for the song, ‘Narcissist’.

    Speaking of the song, Latham explains that it’s “an admission of my own narcissistic tendencies but also me trying to make sense of where those tendencies came from in the first place. I think women are told from the moment they are born until they can form their own opinions that beauty and vanity are the keys to their success, and then they are berated when they are older for being self-obsessed or apathetic.

    “Cosmetic companies want us to hate ourselves,” she continues. “There is money being made off our obsession with improving ourselves and our appearances. This song is just saying, ‘Yeah fuck you, I am a narcissist, and I am self-obsessed, but why do you think that is?’”

    If condor is appreciated, then allow me to mention that ‘Narcissist’, despite its badass message, was not my favourite song on The Yearbook. I do happen to like the new Sofia Coppola-referencing video quite a bit, though. Additionally, the exuberance of trekking through London on top of boats and through the city’s streets makes for a perfect pairing coupled with the song’s tale of self-empowerment.

    “It’s important to be able to capture a full range of emotion,” Latham says. “I want the listener to feel like they’re on the top of a London bus, travelling through a city they’ve moved to for the very first time, seeing the world through new eyes.”

    Check out the video for ‘Narcissist’ down below.


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