Bad With Phones drops the new video for ‘ON1’
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  • Post published:01/12/2021
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(Credit: Bad With Phones)


Bad With Phones drops the new video for ‘ON1’


    East London upstart Bad With Phones has released a brand new video for the song ‘ON1’.

    Part of his debut mixtape, Marinade, released earlier this year, ‘ON1’ blurs the lines between indie rock, hip hop, bedroom pop, and folk. With lo-fi beats pairing nicely with acoustic guitar licks and spacey synths, the song takes on a far more eclectic bent than most musicians would be comfortable exploring.

    “’ON1′ is about those moments in life where you really don’t give a fuck about anything,” the artist explains in a press release. “You’re not eating or taking care of yourself, you want to rant to the world about the stuff that’s on your mind, you want to go out and get drunk and just be unapologetically you”.

    Most of the lyrics are day-in-the-life vignettes about the anxieties of the modern-day world, a theme that gave the artist both his performing moniker and an early jumping-off point for most of his lyrical content. The idea of a girl only liking you for your car is a low-stakes observation right out of Seinfeld, but Jerry and the gang never had enough comfort with spaced-out mind-alterers to live lines like, “Fuck NASA / Let’s take ‘shrooms to the moon”. Well, maybe Kramer could.

    Marinade as a whole gleefully takes on the strange spaces between musical genres. From the more spoken word elements of ‘Ghost’ to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it here and gone style of ‘Armor’, the mixtape is as wonderfully weird and obscure as the artist behind it. His first name is Manny, and part of his origin story apparently involves psychedelic drugs, hacking, and Berlin jaunts. Beyond that, he’s someone who likes to stay mysterious, which only adds to his music’s hazy, dream-like sound.

    Check out the new video for ‘ON1’ down below.

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