Bakar returns with new song ‘The Mission’
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  • Post published:25/08/2021
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(Credit: Walid Labri)

Bakar returns with new song ‘The Mission’

    Bakar – ‘The Mission’

    Bakar is back with his first track of the year, and the introspective effort is an advancement from the singer, as he prepares to move on to album number two.

    There’s an undying level of hope that runs through ‘The Mission’ even though the Londoner touches upon dark subject matters on the new single. Bakar fills it with a sense of optimism which is contagious as he prays for a brighter future. A message that we can all get all our might behind.

    In a statement, Bakar explains, “​​To me, the song is about the want and need for a better future, especially for 1st generation kids of immigrant backgrounds – telling our stories is so important.”

    He added: “I’m trying to represent and reclaim my Islamic faith for a new progressive generation. This is ultimately about peace but so often our symbols and flags have been hijacked for the wrong purposes. I see what’s happening in Kabul this week and pray for the people there.”

    Additionally, the new single feels more polished production-wise than anything he’s released so far, and ‘The Mission’ is poppier than what we’ve become accustomed to from the spirited Bakar.

    On the first verse, he heartfully sings: “Only peace, only violence, No violence, in the sun where I’m highest, Melanin, bias, Jesus Christ, I’m Island-made, Darkest shade while she cleans my braids, Skin don’t fade, and I’m still not phased by your magazine praise, We just wanna be great in these African genes.”

    The song is a missile of ambition from Bakar both lyrically and musically. Album two is still not announced, but tracks like ‘The Mission’ will make his star rise even further. If you’re off to Reading and Leeds this weekend, he’s Bakar is an act you’ll kick yourself for missing.


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