Beabadoobee plays ‘Last Day on Earth’ on Fallon
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  • Post published:01/07/2021
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(Credit: Callum Harrison)

Beabadoobee plays ‘Last Day on Earth’ on Fallon

    Beabadoobee stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last Friday night to play the lead cut from her recently released EP Our Extended Play.

    Highly conceptual in nature, the performance takes full advantage of the artist’s inability to play in house by staging a full party in their own soundstage.

    With a cameo from Simon Pegg, the party looks like the kind that none of us has experienced in a hell of a long time. It’s hard not to get swept away with the purely weaponised joy and fun that Beabadoobee brings right into the forefront of her performance.

    Complete with a DJ and a whole smattering of friends by her side, Beabadoobee brings goofy apocalyptic/utopian lines such as: “Well, and if it all goes wrong/And it looks like we’ll soon be gone/Then we should all just get along/And sing a song I wrote” to life in a way that makes them feel slightly less goofy and apocalyptic.

    ‘Last Day on Earth’, and Our Extended Play as a whole, sees Beabadoobee trading in the harder edges of her grungy 1990s indebted sound for another nostalgic take on good old fashioned pop music of the same era. Bright and colorful, the sad-sack lo-fi folk of ‘Coffee’ and Patched Up is thoroughly in the review, and that’s all well and good by me.

    Not that her past work is lacking, just that her constant evolution is more fun to experience. In roughly three years time, Beabadoobee has weaved her way through more genres and styles than just about any other artist. What comes next is anyone’s guess, but she really does feel like an artist who’s taking her moment and making the most out of it. How can you not get behind that?

    Check out the performance of ‘Last Day on Earth’ down below.


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