Beck and Natalie Bergman share cover of ‘You’ve Got A Woman’
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Beck and Natalie Bergman share cover of ‘You’ve Got A Woman’

    American indie figureheads Beck and Natalie Bergman have shared a cover of Lion’s ‘You’ve Got A Woman’.

    There have been a couple of bands that have kicked around with the name Lion over the years. There’s the American glam metal band Lion who performed the theme song to the certified 1980s kiddie movie classic The Transformers: The Movie, there’s the Taiwanese pop-rock band Lion that acted as a backing group for singer Jam Hsiao, and then there’s the American psychedelic rock band Lions who I fondly remember for having their song ‘Heavy Metal Lady’ featured in the bonus section of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The effect that game had on my life trajectory can not be overstated.

    But we’re talking about the Dutch disco-pop duo Lion from the mid-70s. ‘You’ve Got A Woman’ is now slowly inching its way closer and closer to becoming a new indie standard, having previously been recorded by American indie duo Whitney back in 2017. The original is funky in a twee and low-key kind of way, and it’s very ’70s. You can practically see the bellbottoms that were swaying to this song back in the day.

    Which makes it ripe for a Beck. He and Bergman imbue the song with a bare-bones groove that sounds sun-scorched and positively radiant, perfect for a beach trip you probably aren’t going to take. Bergman’s voice has a unique honk to it that sounds like it was imported directly from the disco era as well, a sort of Melanie meets Diana Ross tone that perfectly contrasts Beck’s own familiar drawl.

    “Two summers ago, I got to spend some time on the road with Beck,” Bergman explains. “He invited me to join him on stage every night to sing along with him. It was a highlight of my career. He has always fostered a spirit of collaboration through music. Getting to work alongside him is a dream. He’s a visionary, and a true-blue friend. ‘You’ve Got A Woman’ is your new favourite summer jam!”

    Beck has also remixed Bergman’s ‘Paint the Rain’, apparently as part of some sort of healing mission: “She asked me to sing it with her on the album, but unfortunately I never made it to the studio in time. Soon after, she emerged with a record which does the difficult job of translating one’s life and the world in its darkest hour into song. To navigate those experiences and emotions and translate them into songs that can be sung and felt is much more difficult and fraught than one can imagine. To overcome despair and rework it into a thing of beauty takes a kind of strength.”

    “As I hear songs created as the world was coming apart and in the aftermath of loss,” he continues, “It seems to be even more miraculous when you consider its redemptive quality which even comforts and uplifts, like the gospel music that inspired many of the songs. Where Art making and healing intersect, there’s a particular sense of transcending. She has gone into the wilderness of that moment and painted the rain, invoked a kind of hope that is hard earned and offered a sense of healing, even finding there is still a joy in the world.”

    Hey man, as long as Scientology isn’t involved, find all the joy you want. Check out the cover of ‘You’ve Got A Woman’, plus the remix of ‘Paint the Rain’, down below.


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