Big Thief share new single ‘Simulation Swarm’
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  • Post published:22/01/2022
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Big Thief share new single ‘Simulation Swarm’


    Big Thief – ‘Simulation Swarm’

    American indie rockers Big Thief have shared the latest taste of their upcoming double LP Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You with the new single ‘Simulation Swarm’.

    Not unlike their previous single ‘Spud Infinity’, ‘Simulation Swarm’ has been a staple of Big Thief’s most recent live performances, giving audiences an inside look into the band’s fifth studio album. Also not unlike the previous singles, ‘Simulation Swarm’ is an unhurried and deliberately calm rock track that never tries to overexert itself.

    Featuring ear-catching fretless bass runs from Max Oleartchik and gentle vocals from Adrianne Lenker, ‘Simulation Swarm’ proves that Big Thief are masters at the notion of doing more with less. Other than a guitar solo that shows off some nifty harmonics, the track is completely devoid of flash and pomp. It’s just a really good song, with no unnecessary bells and whistles to distract the listener.

    Big Thief have already released a full album’s worth of preview material, but the most surprising thing is that each new single makes Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You sound like the band’s most complete album to date. How can eight separate preview songs all be interesting and exciting in their own right? The band keep defying expectations without ever doing anything other than keeping things consistently great.

    Alright quick list time: ‘Little Things’ was our number two song of 2021, so that goes to the top. ‘No Reason’ has the most memorable melody of them all, so that’ll be the runner up. I’m still charmed by ‘Spud Infinity’ and its backwater country feel, and I think I’ll throw ‘Simulation Swarm’ after that. ‘Time Escaping’ is still a wild listen, with the more low key sounds of ‘Certainty’, ‘Change’, and ‘Sparrow’ rounding out the list. That’s just personal preference – all of these songs are really good, and to think that we’re about to have 12 more is just ridiculous.

    Check out the audio for ‘Simulation Swarm’ down below. Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You is set for a February 11th release.

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