Billie Eilish decries Texas abortion laws at Austin City Limits show
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  • Post published:05/10/2021
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(Credit: Kelia Anne MacCluskey)

Billie Eilish decries Texas abortion laws at Austin City Limits show

    Popstar du jour, Billie Eilish, has joined a long list of celebrities who have used their platform and influence to speak out against Texas’ new and restrictive abortion law, which was enacted to widespread backlash last month.

    During her headline set at Austin City Limits 2021 on Saturday night, Eilish explained her thoughts on the draconian law. She told the crowd: “When they made that shit a law, I almost didn’t want to do the show because I wanted to punish this fuckin’ place for allowing that to happen here.”

    She then explained that she actually felt terrible for the women of Texas: “But then I remembered that it’s you guys that are the fuckin’ victims, and you deserve everything in the world,” she said, adding: “We need to tell them to shut the fuck up.”

    In a defiant act, the pop heroine then raised a middle finger and screamed: “My body, my fucking choice!”

    For those unaware, the new law does the following. It makes abortions illegal after six weeks, a time period when many women are still unaware that they are pregnant. However, that is not the worst of it. It does not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest and allows private citizens to sue anyone assisting a woman in abortion.

    This weekend (October 2nd) witnessed tens of thousands of women and their allies march across the US in protest against the bill. Given that the Texan law is the most restrictive of women’s right to self-determination in the whole country, the organisers of the marches have said that they’re defending their fundamental human right for universal abortion access and justice.

    In other news, last week, Phoebe Bridgers finally released her cover of Bo Burnham’s ‘That Funny Feeling’ via her Bandcamp page, with all the proceeds being donated to Texas abortion funds. As the backlash against the law mounts from all over the globe, this is set to be an ongoing story.

    Watch the video of Billie Eilish decrying the law below.


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