Binki shares new single ‘Clay Pigeon’
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  • Post published:28/05/2021
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(Credit: Binki)

Binki shares new single ‘Clay Pigeon’

    Binki – ‘Clay Pigeon’

    American indie artist Binki is back with his first single since 2019, the delirious and charmingly scuzzy ‘Clay Pigeon’, the first taste of his upcoming EP Motor Function.

    “‘Clay Pigeon’ is a song about vulnerability,” Binki explains. “A clay pigeon is someone I want to open up to me or invest time in, but I’m not willing to do the same. I wanna play along but I got no skin in the game.”

    “I was in a situation where I was more focused on my dreams than building a relationship,” continued the artist. “I think it happens to a lot of people and I’m just trying to navigate those feelings in this song. My lyrics are typically inspired by my day-to-day experiences. They come out like vomit.”

    That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? ‘Clay Pigeon’ finds Binki straight-up indie rock mode, with a smooth sheen of distortion, catchy hooks, and aggressive rhythms grounding the song. Those vomit words, by the way, are actually pretty good. “I’ve grown accustomed to a sad scene/ Look it over I feel like I’m on Baker Street/ Pull me closer”. Divorced from their context, the lyrics can look like meaningless gibberish, but within the song they inhabit, it seems to work perfectly.

    Overall, ‘Clay Pigeon’ is a solid track that alternates between playfully infectious vocal lines and club-ready power chords. Binki is the kind of artist whose music doesn’t easily fit into a specific genre: if you want to find elements of R&B, progressive rock, bedroom pop, indie rap, or DIY punk, you can certainly hear those influences, but it’s also cool just to hear an artist not be too concerned with the limited scope of categorisation.

    The dude makes Binki music, and that music happens to be quite pleasant to the ear.

    Check out the video for ‘Clay Pigeon’ down below. Motor Function will be released on August 13.


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