Blackaby shares new single ‘I Wanted’
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  • Post published:16/09/2021
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Blackaby shares new single ‘I Wanted’

    Blackaby – ‘I Wanted’

    English “classy punk” William Blackaby, a stalwart sideman for acts like Swimming Tapes now striking out on his own, has released a new single, ‘I Wanted’.

    A simple acoustic-guitar strummed tune that rarely gets above a gentle coo, ‘I Wanted’ keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum so that the focus remains on the lyrics. Lines about laminating your diary and kneeling down on idiot knees might sound a bit twee, especially with the folky backing track, but it’s hard not to be charmed by the earnestness displayed.

    The song is described by Blackaby as, “Talking to someone you think can help you out in some way, but not really being in the mood to talk or even really be there at all. You zone out a bit. Their lips are moving but what are they saying? Desperate to make a genuine connection but if you’re only talking to them to get something you want, this feels unlikely. Just be yourself I think is the take-home message.”

    The themes recall Blackaby’s previous single ‘She’ll Make Some Time On Monday’ (the two songs are also the exact same length. Go figure), continuing the ideas of miscommunication and disconnect. Blackaby can ably waver between indie pop, driving rock, and acoustic folk, but it’s his lyrical concerns that are giving him the strongest and most unique aspects to his ever-growing status in the indie scene. He lies somewhere between Fleet Foxes and Pixey, and with any luck, he’ll keep up the quality work.

    Check out the audio for ‘I Wanted’ down below.


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