Bleach Lab share new single ‘Real Thing’
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  • Post published:30/07/2021
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(Credit: Bleach Lab)

Bleach Lab share new single ‘Real Thing’

    Bleach Lab – ‘Real Thing’

    London alt-rockers Bleach Lab have released a new single, the dream-pop showstopper ‘Real Thing’.

    The spacey and trippy new song incorporates all different kinds of sounds: wide-open vocals and harmonies, early 2000s drum machines and acoustic guitars, poppy melodic sensibilities, and shoegaze textures. ‘Real Thing’ definitely feels like it’s roughly 25 years out of time, but there’s something that I find incredibly endearing about that.

    It helps that the song is catchy, memorable, and incredibly calming. Lyrically, the track has a longing and ever-so-slightly bittersweet quality to it, with lines like “I really wanna hold you tonight” and “I really wanna see you again” reflecting an unfulfilled desire.

    “Real thing is about wanting to find a more meaningful and lasting connection with someone,” vocalist Jenna Kyle says in a press release. “I had been processing a lot of issues over the last couple of years to do with previous relationships and personal development, and I had finally reached a place where I felt I was in the right state of mind to be open to looking for something new.”

    “It is a lot about finding a healthy relationship that is beneficial for those involved,” she continues. “Knocking down the walls you built and putting trust in someone else, for the first time in a long time.”

    Maybe I’m getting soft, but I was completely sold by the song’s dreamy atmosphere and languid yearning for something more. It makes me excited to preview more of the band’s material and to hear what’s coming next. I was honestly unfamiliar with the band before listening to ‘Real Thing’, but now I get to experience that exciting feeling that comes with discovering a new band that you connect with. They’re one for one so far, so here’s hoping the upcoming deep dive will be just as engrossing as ‘Real Thing’.

    Check out the video for ‘Real Thing’ down below.


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