Bleachers release new Lana Del Rey collaboration ‘Secret Life’
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  • Post published:02/08/2021
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Bleachers release new Lana Del Rey collaboration ‘Secret Life’

    Jack Antonoff’s recording project Bleachers have released one final preview of their upcoming third studio album Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night. The new track, ‘Secret Life’, features frequent Antonoff collaborator Lana Del Rey.

    If there was a better way to inspire some last-second hype before Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night‘s release on Friday, I couldn’t think of it. Del Rey is easily one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and every time she teases some new artwork for her delayed album or makes a Joni Mitchell reference, people tend to take notice.

    Also, is this album going to be just bursting at the seams with Bruce Springsteen references? I caught a “Promised Land” reference in ‘Secret Life’, and from the saxophones in ‘How Dare You Want More’ to the literally recruiting the man himself on ‘Chinatown’, Antonoff is wearing his New Jersey pride pretty clearly for this outing.

    It’s during the second verse where Del Rey makes her first appearance, harmonizing with Antonoff as he puts his exhausted “tired of sex” voice on full display. The wheezy, buzzy guitar line reminds me a lot of the one on Del Rey’s ‘Venice Bitch’, but maybe I’m just projecting.

    Either way, Del Rey’s appearance is pretty negligible here. No lead lines, no commanding presence, no monumental and operatic drama that only Del Rey can bring to a song. Just a little vocal cameo to remind you that Blue Bannisters is coming out eventually and that Antonoff is probably working on it right now. Still, the song’s pretty solid.

    Check out the audio for ‘Secret Life’ down below. Take The Sadness Out of Saturday Night will be released on July 30.


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