Blondie take over Tate to mark Andy Warhol’s birthday and new crypto art series
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  • Post published:09/08/2021
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Blondie take over Tate to mark Andy Warhol’s birthday and new crypto art series

    This week, the new wave group Blondie hacked art galleries on both sides of the Atlantic. The take-overs took place in both London’s Tate Modern and The Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as in several other notable galleries.

    The stunning take-overs are in celebration of Blondie’s new art series in collaboration with Crypto-art pioneers Hackatao. It also marks the 93rd birthday of the late Andy Warhol, which is coincidently also the day of Hackatao’s birth. Warhol was a visual artist whose “pop art” cemented him as one of the most innovative artists of the 1960s. 

    Blondie’s Debbie Harry was a firm friend of Andy Warhol and a frequent collaborator. Hackatao have described the collaboration as symbolising: “a true act, from both Hackatao and Blondie, of hacking all borders and boundaries, and ultimately the limits of narrow-mindedness. 36 years ago, Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry and her friend Warhol created an everlasting cultural moment with the Commodore Amiga in 1985, as Debbie became the subject of his very first digital portrait, an image that is just as significant today as it was then. 

    Today, the duo Hackatao continues that line and joins forces with Blondie to create the poppiest portrait of her, in their own unique stye, belonging to what could be currently considered the most contemporary art movement: crypto art.”

    The first work in the series is inspired by Warhol’s groundbreaking, first-ever digital portrait, featuring Debbie Harry on a Commodore Amiga in 1985. 

    The unique artworks are available from today and will feature musical accompaniment by Blondie’s Chris Stein and a poem written and spoken by Debbie Harry.  


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