Bombay Bicycle Club and Flyte cover The Grateful Dead for World Turtle Day
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  • Post published:25/05/2021
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Credit: YouTube/Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club and Flyte cover The Grateful Dead for World Turtle Day

    When the indie darlings Bombay Bicycle Club and Flyte agreed to take part in a stream for World Turtle Day, there was only one song that truly caught their eye, the behemoth track from The Grateful Dead, ‘Terrapin Station’.

    The purpose of the stream was to celebrate World Turtle Day. The annual event looks to draw attention to the plight of turtles and tortoises and encourage us as humans to help them survive and thrive.

    There are plenty of ways to try and raise awareness of turtles and tortoises, but Bombay Bicycle Club and Flyte joined forces to perform an exceptional track in honour of the half-shelled creatures.

    “Happy World Turtle Day to everyone,” the band said in a statement accompanying the video. “As our most hardcore fans know, we go way back with the turtles starting with our Tour for Lulu. This year we decided that quietly celebrating this day just the four of us wasn’t enough.

    “So here is our cover of The Grateful Dead’s epic ‘Terrapin Station’ featuring some beautiful vocals from our friends in Flyte.” The song is a rich part of the Grateful Dead’s iconography.

    You know when a Grateful Dead tune is listed as an entire side of the record that you’re in for a mind-expanding treat. The song was composed by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia in isolated unison, which provoked Hunter to proclaim it “about as close as I ever expected to get to feeling certain that we were doing what we were put here to do.”

    In the original song, Hunter and Garcia take us on a truly mystical journey that is certainly best enjoyed with headphones and about half a day to lose yourself in it.

    Bombay Bicycle Club do a great job of mirroring this enveloping sound with the help of Flyte, watch the video below.


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