Brace yourself: new Adele music is on the way
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  • Post published:08/10/2021
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Brace yourself: new Adele music is on the way


    If you’re not currently going through a breakup, substantial loss, or any other personal hardship, you might want to get something scheduled. That’s because the queen of righteous emotional sob songs, Adele, has announced a new single on the horizon.

    The signs were all there. Literally, as billboards hinting that 30 would be dropping soon have been found in cities across the world. Let’s not quibble with the fact that Adele is technically 33 now – she was 27 when 25 came out, so it’s less about the actual age and more about the state of mind, you math nerds.

    ‘Easy On Me’ will drop on October 15. From the very brief preview, we can cull from the teaser post on social media, which is only about four bars of actual music, the song appears to be another piano ballad from an artist who has turned the belting piano ballad into a refined art form. There are people out there who are already bawling their eyes out just from the four lines of a piano we’ve been given to mull over.

    Adele’s casual acquaintance and possible friend Taylor Swift recently moved up the release of her re-recorded Red album, and while that might just be because it’s done and she wants to give Scooter Braun the middle finger as soon as humanly possible, there’s also speculation that Swift moved the album up a week to avoid competing with the alleged release date of 30.

    If that’s true, I wouldn’t blame Swift. There have only been two albums over the past decade that have been certified Diamond by the RIAA: 21 and 25. Putting up an album in direct competition with 30 is sure to be a death sentence, so it’s much easier and better to simply move out of its way when it goes scorched earth on the public’s heartstrings upon release.

    Check out the social media teaser for ‘Easy On Me’ down below. 30 is (maybe) set for a November 19 release.


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