Brandi Carlile shares new single ‘Right On Time’
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Brandi Carlile shares new single ‘Right On Time’

    Brandi Carlile – ‘Right On Time’

    American singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile has released her first solo single since 2019, the stirring ‘Right On Time’.

    Carlile’s not-so-secret weapon in all of her music is her ability to conjure the weightiest of emotions with her hair-raising voice. I can remember the first I heard the climactic final note of ‘The Joke’ or the strained guttural wail roughly two minutes into ‘Party of One’. It brought me on board with an artist who was working in a genre that I didn’t have any particular fondness for at the time. It connected beyond the boundaries of my typical music tastes.

    The other not-so-secret weapon is her songwriting. With assists from her bandmates Phil and Tim Hanseroth, Carlile brings a witty edge, poetic heart, and keen melodic ear to all of her material. Songs like The Highwomen’s ‘Wheels of Loredo’ or ‘Cannonball’ from The Story pack in the wisdom and intelligence of an artist twice her age, as Carlile always brings a kind of weathered, hard-earned maturity to even the lightest and goofiest of songs.

    Both of her weapons are on full display on ‘Right On Time’. The song’s bridge climbs with the intensity and creative chordal movement of a great Elton John piano ballad, and every time Carlile’s voice strains and cracks to find the right balance of emotion and tonality, her signature vocal style pulls you in once again. 

    The song also comes with an accompanying video, directed by The Shrink Is In star Courtney Cox (I think she’s done some TV work as well). Featuring Carlile as a glammed out rock star longing for escapethe video perfectly compliments the drama of the track.

    ‘Right On Time’ is the first taste of Carlile’s upcoming seventh solo studio album In These Silent Days, the title of which comes courtesy of one of ‘Right On Time”s lyrics. It will be Carlile’s first new material since her supergroup The Highwomen’s self-titled debut LP.

    Check out the video for ‘Right On Time’ down below. In These Silent Days will be released on October 1.


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