Breeze soar on debut single ‘Touch the Sky’
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  • Post published:20/10/2021
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(Credit: Breeze)


Breeze soar on debut single ‘Touch the Sky’


    Breeze – ‘Touch the Sky’

    Hull four-piece indie rockers Breeze have shared their rollicking debut single, ‘Touch the Sky’.

    “’Touch the Sky’ is about living your life as if you are the best, no matter what anyone says,” the band shared in a statement. “The song was written in July 2020. Albert wanted to write a song that would be remembered just from the first few chords, a track that the crowd can easily be grasped and taken on by an audience live.”

    Let’s get it out of the way right up front: this sounds incredibly like Oasis. Not just in the distorted drive and rhythmic thump of the band, but in the vocal intonation of lead singer Albert Anderson. It’s, perhaps purposefully, extremely Liam Gallagher-esque. I’m not cultured enough to know if the Hull and Manchester accents have any cross over, but Anderson is channelling some serious nasal rock vibes.

    But let’s give these guys a fair shake on their own: they’re a young band who clearly favour heavy guitar riffage and lad-ish rock and roll with themes of embracing the now and living life to the fullest. Nobody invented that, and nobody has a monopoly over it. If you’re into that kind of thing, and statistically a lot of music fans (especially UK music fans) are, then Breeze are a promising group to start keeping tabs on.

    Whether you think they’re riding coattails or on the cutting edge of something new, there’s something eminently likable about the boys in Breeze. Guitar rock wheezes and sags every couple years, but it never truly dies. That’s because the rush you get by plugging a guitar in and cranking up the distortion is its own manic kind of release, one that I doubt humanity will grow tired of any time soon. Breeze are just the latest in a long line of bands to tap into that feeling.

    Check out the video for ‘Touch the Sky’ down below.


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