Brody Dalle given community service for contempt in court case
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  • Post published:02/12/2021
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(Credit: Henry W. Laurisch)


Brody Dalle given community service for contempt in court case


    Musician Brody Dalle has been sentenced to 60 hours of community service by a judge after she was convicted of contempt during her court battle with her former partner Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

    The sentence followed a previous charge of contempt issued on November 19th after Dalle refused to adhere to custody agreements and prevented her five-year-old son from seeing his father, Homme. 

    When defending herself in court, Dalle argued that she had tried to obey custodial rulings but that the three children refused to spend time with their father and as such, she did not hand them over to Homme. 

    As a result, Homme’s lawyers pressed for a five-day jail term which is often given in such cases, but instead, a $1000 USD fine and 60 hours of community service were handed to the musician.

    Dalle was, however, acquitted of the charge when it came to their eldest child, as the judge ruled that their 10-year-old son had decided not to see his father of his own volition. 

    Homme had argued that her actions were a purposeful attempt to alienate his sons against him by refusing vital time with them and causing a rift to form. He pleaded with the court, “I followed every single order you gave. Why did I do that?”

    Speaking with Rolling Stone, Dalle responded: I’m relieved by the court’s decision, I don’t believe anyone should go to jail or pick up trash for protecting her children. As a mother, I will always put my children first and protect them at all costs.”

    This latest development follows on from last months accusations against Homme of mistreatment of the children, which you can read about here. More is expected in the coming weeks.

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