Brody Dalle guilty of “contempt of court” in Josh Homme custody trial
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  • Post published:25/11/2021
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Brody Dalle guilty of “contempt of court” in Josh Homme custody trial


    Brody Dalle has been found guilty of criminal contempt for not providing Josh Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, with their five-year-old son as stipulated in the court’s visitation order following the couple’s divorce. She was found innocent of three other criminal contempt charges in a ruling that saw both parents scolded for using criminal law as an “answer to a family’s problems”.

    Dalle was found guilty of “willfully” violating a court other which stipulated she deliver their five-year-old son, Orrin, to Homme on September 3rd. However, she was later acquitted of the same charge for their ten-year-old son, Wolf, after the judge agreed that he had refused to visit Homme on his own

    The court hearing also saw the LA judge listen to arguments between Dalle and Homme, in which Dalle denies Homme access to the children over video calls. However, on discovering evidence that the children had blocked Homme’s number of their own accord, the judge found her innocent of those charges too.

    These charges are just the latest in an ongoing legal battle between Homme and Dalle. Earlier in the year, the same Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Lawrence Riff, dropped a restraining order filed against Homme on the behalf of his two sons, Wolf and Orrin. It later transpired that Dalle wasn’t even present when the request was submitted, with her 15-year-old daughter, Cammille, making the trip to the Santa Monica courthouse with Dalle’s boyfriend, Gunner Foxx.

    Dalle maintained that the signature on the documents had been forged, stating that it was “not my signature”. However, Dalle made no steps to prevent Foxx from proceeding, despite knowing about his intentions to file the restraining order. No charges have yet been filed against Foxx. Following Friday’s verdict, Homme addressed the judge directly. “I followed every single order you gave. Why did I do that?” he asked, to which Riff replied, “I know how disappointed you are, and I know you think this system has let you down”.

    However, Judge Riff went on to scold both Dalle and Homme in his sentencing: “Everybody here has gotten a serious tutorial in criminal law. Criminal law is not the answer to a family’s problems,” he began. “What you really need to be focusing on is how in this current fractured environment you’ll be able to co-parent. And you’re going to need help. You’re going to need third parties involved. If you can get there, you’re going to heal this family. But doing it through contempt proceedings and DV [domestic violence restraining order] proceedings probably is not the answer.”

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