Bruce Springsteen remembers the first time he heard his music on the radio
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(Credit: Shayne Kaye)

Bruce Springsteen remembers the first time he heard his music on the radio

    The legendary Bruce Springsteen is a name that is gilded in pop music gold. The artist has been enthralling his fans for nearly five decades and doesn’t look like he will stop anytime soon. But as he takes a break from recording music and turns his attention towards podcasts, he dropped by Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 to share some thoughts.

    One such thought saw The Boss reminiscing about the moment he first heard his song playing on the radio. The pinnacle of any fledgeling artist’s career, the moment the world finally pays attention is one burned into every musician’s brain.

    The conversation took place as part of Zoe Meets Bruce an extended interview that can be found on BBC Sounds right now and comes when Springsteen provides his own four-part feature show for the broadcaster called From My Home To Yours. During the conversation, Ball and Springsteen covered a lot of ground.

    One of the noted points of the conversation was Springsteen’s venture into podcasting alongside the former president, Barack Obama, with Renegades. Springsteen said of the opportunity: “Well, it was his idea initially, and initially I thought ‘Wait a minute, you’re the President, I’m a New Jersey high school diploma guitar player – are you sure this is a good idea?’ There’s a lot of things I don’t know, you know, but we had become friendly and had had quite a few long conversations just between the two of us about a variety of things, and he said that was the type of show he was interested in doing.

    “Something that was more broad and philosophical and historical,” continued Springsteen, “and based in people who’ve… examined their lives in some depth, and so that’s what we had in common and the basis that we started the podcast on. And he came to my farm, and we sat in my studio, and days would go by, and we’d just talk.”

    But perhaps the most poignant moment came when Springsteen recalled the gratifying moment he first heard his songs on the radio: “I was in Connecticut, standing on a street corner. A car pulled up, and the guy had his window down, and Spirit of the Night was coming out of his car radio. I wanted to run over to his car and say, ‘Hey, that’s me!’, but I didn’t do it. I just stood there in shock and ecstasy.”

    If you’re hoping for new Springsteen music, you may need to wait a little while longer. The Boss, it would seem, has become a little enchanted by sitting down behind the mic and talking rather than singing. On his next moves, he said: “I’ll be doing a few more radio shows; we’ll be touring next year if everything goes well. The E Street Band will be back on the road, you know, depending, of course, on the virus and what’s opening up.”

    You can hear the full conversation between Zoe Ball and Bruce Springsteen here and catch Springsteen’s From My Home To Yours episodes from this Friday between midnight and 1am.


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