Chubby and The Gang share ‘I Hate The Radio’
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(Credit: Pooneh Ghana)

Chubby and The Gang share ‘I Hate The Radio’

    Chubby and The Gang – ‘I Hate The Radio’

    Chubby and The Gang have continued to tease their new album with their angsty new single, ‘I Hate The Radio’. 

    The west London five-piece only released their debut album last year, and have put the pandemic to use by jumping straight into their sophomore album, The Mutt’s Nuts which arrives at the end of this month through Partisan. 

    ‘I Hate The Radio’ is packed with ear-splitting riffs and chaotic energy. Joyfully, it also boasts a melodic singalong chorus which delightfully contrasts with the rest of the effort. 

    Their latest single isn’t anywhere near as ferocious as the raucous ‘Coming Up Tough’. The new track is toned down compared to that, but more barbaric than the bittersweet ‘Life’s Lemons’ and bridges the gap between the band’s two sides.  

    If you were yet to jump on board with Chubby and The Gang, ‘I Hate The Radio’ is a fervent introduction that will make you dive straight into their 2020 debut, Speed Kills

    Commenting on the track, the band said: “This song is about when you finish a relationship with someone, but you have a certain association between them and a song, and then that song comes on the radio. It’s like, ‘man, I never want to hear this song again!’ and then, of course, you get in the car, and it comes on.” 

    Chubby and The Gang are one of the most exciting punk bands currently around in Britain. The band aren’t adopters of cutting edge production techniques, but that doesn’t matter when you’ve got an industrious sound that carves up the kind of raw, visceral energy they create on ‘I Hate The Radio’. 


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