Chvrches tease new single with The Cure’s Robert Smith
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  • Post published:02/06/2021
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(Credit: Twitter)

Chvrches tease new single with The Cure’s Robert Smith

    Scotland’s proudest pop exports Chvrches have connected with an honest to god legend for their latest single ‘How Not To Drown’. Robert Smith is set to be featured on the latest cut from the band’s upcoming fourth studio album.

    I am an avowed Chvrches fan (and occasional defender), but let me also share with you what is sure to be the least surprising fact about me: I’m a huge Cure fan as well.

    The second concert I ever went to, at the ripe old age of ten, was The Cure, and I got a sweet T-shirt to prove it. I also got to sit at a bar for the first time beforehand because I had cool parents. Those same cool parents took me and my brother to see Van Halen as my first concert, not even two months after I turned nine, a year before. I had to go to the bathroom (again: nine years old) and we could hear the opening blasts of ‘You Really Got Me’ ricocheting off the walls of the old Verizon Center as we hurried out. Good times.

    Anyway, The Cure’s Greatest Hits was one of about five CD’s that were in perennial rotation in my parent’s cars as we drove to tee-ball games and my grandmother’s house in Pennsylvania (another one was Van Halen I. This article is turning into a real nostalgia trip. OK, I’m getting off track. That’s the last time I’ll bring up Van Halen. I promise).

    The band have posted some cryptic messages on their social media accounts that were quickly deciphered by fans. One of them featured singer Lauren Mayberry staring at a picture of Smith. Meanwhile, Smith has released a few tweets of his own teasing the collaboration, including one where he comically declared his intent to keep sharing information despite this still being the “tease” phase of the promotional cycle. If there’s a kind of hilariously not giving a shit, it’s Robert Smith.

    Check out the tweets below and stay tuned for whenever ‘How Not To Drown’ drops, because you can bet your ass that I’ll be covering it.


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