Coachella and Stagecoach festivals reverse vaccination requirement
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Coachella and Stagecoach festivals reverse vaccination requirement


    The Coachella and Stagecoach Festivals have announced that attendees of the 2022 festivities will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination in order to attend the event.

    Instead, attendees can alternately provide proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of their arrival. The decision is a reversal of the original vaccination requirement announced by the festivals’ live event company, AEG Presents.

    “After seeing first-hand the low transmission data and successful implementation of safety protocols at our festivals recently,” the new announcement read on Coachella’s website. “We feel confident that we can safely update our policy for Coachella.”

    The original statement from AEG Presents chairman and CEO Jay Marciano read: “We have come to the conclusion that, as a market leader, it was up to us to take a real stand on vaccination status. Just a few weeks ago, we were optimistic about where our business, and country, were heading. The Delta variant, combined with vaccine hesitancy, is pushing us in the wrong direction again.”

    Evidently, that stand was not strong enough fully shut out unvaccinated individuals from the festivals. Not to play into stereotypes here, but Stagecoach is the country music companion festival to Coachella, and the festival would have likely seen a major decrease in attendance and ticket sales had it enforced the vaccination requirement. This isn’t to say that if you like country music you are automatically unvaccinated, but it has been a hot button issue within the genre.

    Coachella 2022 will take place from April 15-17 and April 22-24. Stagecoach 2022 will take place on April 29-May 1.

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