Connie Constance releases new video for ‘Kids Like Us’
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  • Post published:06/10/2021
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Connie Constance releases new video for ‘Kids Like Us’

    Watford-based genre-bending artist, Connie Constance, has brought her vision back to her hometown with a new self-directed music video for the song ‘Kids Like Us’.

    “In the aim to capture some of the most iconic scenes in every city suburbs coming of age story,” Constance explained. “Myself and Alex Wylie set out to find our home town of Watford’s finest treasures. DIY being the hardest graft yet highest reward we were stoked when Watford’s super club let us film inside, a place that we both have spent many nights at during summer holidays for their under 18s nights; prime moments of self-discovery and getting sugar high off cheap Coca Cola.”

    Adding: “Since releasing my song ’Kids Like us’ a lot of my close friends have said it’s the song that they needed growing up when they were struggling with self doubt and needed reassurance. So in this video I wanted to be the Effy that I related to when I was a little shit in Watford town.”

    If you, like me, are not from Watford (or not from England at all), the video for ‘Kids Like Us’ is a fascinating look into a part of the country that otherwise has no context of visual signifier. Some of my writers and editors like to make fun of me when I make assumptions about different parts of the UK, so I’m not going to say a single thing about Watford here.

    Instead, I’ll just say that Constance looks cool as hell walking through an admittedly quaint and dreary part of England. As she smokes on rooftops, drinks in fields, and eventually lets loose in the DIY club, Constance brings a vibrant energy to her grey surroundings, even as the song itself is a bit downtempo and languid.

    ‘Kids Like Us’ is featured on Constance’s most recent EP Prim & Propa. A hypnotising and self-reflective album close, ‘Kids Like Us’ pairs well with the appropriately energetic ‘Electric Girl’, the rousing euphoria of ‘Prim & Propa’, and the wonky slow-dance soul of ‘Gran Torino’.

    Check out the video for ‘Kids Like Us’ down below.


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