Creeper share new video for ‘Damned and Doomed’
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  • Post published:06/08/2021
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(Credit: Creeper)

Creeper share new video for ‘Damned and Doomed’

    Creeper – ‘Damned and Doomed’

    English goth rockers Creeper have released a brand new video for their latest single, ‘Damned and Doomed’.

    ‘Damned and Doomed’ is a gorgeous ballad from the Southampton five-piece, featuring the high drama and slightly camp sensibilities that the group have perfected over the past decade. “I was born to die with you/ Young and in love but damned and doomed.” Now that’s some Lana Del Rey levels of fatalistic romance.

    The tune is mainly centred around a looping piano melody and minimalist vocals from singer Hannah Greenwood. Greenwood is usually delegated to keyboards and backing vocals but has seen an increased presence on the band’s latest EP American Noir. Along with ‘Damned and Doomed’, Greenwood gets a lead vocal on the album’s power metal song ‘Ghosts Over Cavalary.’

    There will be those who are unconvinced by the band’s theatrical approach to rock and roll, full of gloomy aesthetics and occasionally head-scratching lyrics like “Make out with me/all while they make out/we are too young to love, fall, fuck or fight.” But Creeper is a tremendously fun band when you turn off your brain, strap in, and go along for the ride, and every once in a while, they wind up with something strangely profound to say. American Noir is a commentary of sorts, but I was more taken with the EP’s mini-opera arrangement and narrative structure as a whole. 

    American Noir is a companion piece to the band’s second album, Sex, Death & the Infinite Void, continuing the storylines and character studies of the previous release.

    In that context, ‘Damned and Doomed’ is the funeral ballad for the character Roe through the eyes of the side character Annabelle. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s worth carving out some time to listen to both releases back to back because they create an engrossing story. ‘Damned and Doomed’ just solidifies Creeper as one of the more ambitious bands working in rock today.

    Check out the video for ‘Damned and Doomed’ down below.


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