Dave Grohl reflects on writing his new memoir, ‘The Storyteller’
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(Credit: Andreas Lawen)

Dave Grohl reflects on writing his new memoir, ‘The Storyteller’

    In a new trailer for his much-anticipated memoir The Storyteller, Dave Grohl has reflected on the unique challenge of writing a book. The memoir is set for release on October 5th and has been described as “a collection of memories of a life lived loud”.

    In the new trailer, the Foo Fighters frontman explains how he came to write his first book: “I’ve never really been one to collect stuff, but I do collect moments. My life flashes before my eyes every single day and in writing this book I’ve tried to capture those moments as best I can.”

    “When the lockdown happened,” Grohl continues, “I suddenly had nothing to do. I never have nothing to do. I’ve always been creatively restless. So I spent my time writing these short stories for an Instagram page, Dave’s True Stories. And in doing that, I fell in love with writing. I thought, ‘You know what, maybe I’ll just write a book’, without realising how gargantuan of a project it would be.”

    As Grohl explains, one of the biggest challenges was working out which stories to include and which to leave out. “I could write an entire book about the band Scream,” he said. “I could write an entire book about my time in Nirvana. The idea was to choose the stories that best described what it’s like to be behind the curtain and on the inside of the music, from the drum stool looking out.”

    The lasting impression one gets from the trailer is that Dave Grohl is a man who is incredibly grateful for the life he has lived, with all its ups and downs: “To play music, have this beautiful family, travel the world, meet people from all walks of life – I never take any of this for granted, believe me. I’m so proud that I wrote this book and I hope that you enjoy it.”

    Grohl recently released an expert of the book, in which he explains how he became a punk: “I was now determined to begin my new life as a punk rocker,” the passage reads, “I had finally shed that outer layer of fragile adolescent insecurity and begun to grow a new skin, one that would form into my true self, and I couldn’t wait to show it to the world.”

    See the clip, below.


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