Deafheaven release new video for ‘In Blur’
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  • Post published:09/08/2021
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(Credit: Robin Laananen)

Deafheaven release new video for ‘In Blur’

    American metal band Deafheaven have shared a new video for their single ‘In Blur’.

    If you’re not a metalhead or don’t know who Deafheaven are, this will be the perfect entry point to explore the band. In truth, “metal”, in a traditional definition, never really fit with the band’s overall sound.

    The San Francisco five-piece is far more experimental and genre-blending than the headbanging and heavy detuned chords of traditional metal music might suggest. Their inclinations toward screams and darkness have become less and less prevalent as they’ve progressed throughout their now decade-long career.

    ‘In Blur’ is no exception. The swirling guitar lines and psychedelic imagery of the song’s composition and lyrics angle more towards shoegaze alternative rock than metal. Some might find it a turn-off compared to The Smashing Pumpkins, but I happen to find the best of Billy Corgan’s material to be transcendent, ethereal, heavy rock and roll, and I heard a lot of similarities to the Pumpkins throughout ‘In Blur’. 

    ‘In Blur’ is set to be featured on the band’s upcoming fifth studio album Infinite Granite, which itself is a fantastically metal album title. The band’s previous album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, was a major step forward for the band, embracing melody in a much broader fashion and featuring some of the best sprawling jams that the band had ever composed.

    If you enjoy getting lost in a haze of guitars, but want a bit more aggression that you’d get from Lush or My Bloody Valentine records that you’ve worn out, then I can not recommend Deafheaven enough. They’re badass without sacrificing beauty.  

    Check out the video for ‘In Blur’ down below. Infinite Granite will be released on August 20.


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