Debbie Harry opens up about her decision to become a lead singer
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  • Post published:16/01/2022
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Debbie Harry opens up about her decision to become a lead singer


    In a new episode of the iHeartRadio podcast, Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver, Blondie’s Debbie Harry opened up about her decision to become a lead singer back in the 1970s. Harry helped redefine the role of women in rock during her time performing with the seminal new wave outfit, using her intense stage presence to establish Blondie as one of the definitive acts of their day.

    iHeart’s Minnie Questions sees Minni Driver sit down with experts and trailblazers of all kinds to ask the same seven questions, revealing how even simple questions have the power to uncover fascinating stories. This second season sees Driver in conversation with the likes of Rose Matafeo, Anais Mitchell, Shazi Visram, Laura Brown, Jeremy Clarkson, Sam Fragoso and Graydon Carter.

    In this first episode of the second season, Blondie’s Debbie Harry sits down with Driver to share a life-changing moment at New York’s famed punk venue CBGBs, describing how a little-known group called “Pure Garbage” helped launch her career.

    Discussing the impact of CBGBs, Harry began by describing how the venue helped her to overcome her crippling shyness .“One day I did have a revelation. It was at CBGBs as a matter of fact,” she said. “I realised, I was waiting for the audience to, you know, give me, give it to me, give it me, give it me. And then I realised that I had to make them, I had to command them and that was a real revelation. And then the shyness kind of said ‘Well, you’ve had your day.’”

    Liberated, Harry quickly adopted a reputation as one of the most striking, charismatic and fearsome lead singers on the New York new wave scene. Today, Debbie Harry is regarded as a true icon of the era. To check out the full conversation between Minni Driver and Debbie Harry, stream below.

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