Declan McKenna returns with delightful new single ‘My House’
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  • Post published:13/07/2021
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Declan McKenna returns with delightful new single ‘My House’

    Declan McKenna – ‘My House’

    Declan McKenna has shared his first new track of the year, and it’s a change of pace for the singer who slows it down on ‘My House’.

    Last year, McKenna scored a number two album with his dystopian sophomore effort, Zeros. There’s nothing surreal about ‘My House’; it’s just a simple summer-ready pop song that captures McKenna lusting after a love he’s desperate to see.

    ‘My House’ is a quaint daydream and a slice of escapism with a gorgeous heart-melting chorus. The effort isn’t extravagant or euphoric like we’ve become accustomed to McKenna. Instead, it’s a placating, raw, sun-soaked taste of paradise.

    “I was just having fun on a sunny spring morning making the best out of what soon wouldn’t feel so restful and calm,” Mckenna explained in a statement. “But it’s a light-hearted song, and for me it is just that – remembering what it is to be lost in your thoughts in a good way, like being a child again.

    “The song feels like it’s grown over the past year as I’ve grown closer with my loved ones for many reasons, and amongst all that I’ve moved house three or four times and even helped my parents move out of my childhood home.

    He continues: “Being wary of keeping a personal life, talking publicly about those close to me is something I’m very careful about, but with this song I found a way to talk about love in a way that is fun but felt kind of real, and thankfully for my girlfriend it’s not set in an alternate reality dystopia or some stupid shit like that.”

    McKenna is still yet to tour his second album, and the likelihood is we’ll have to wait a little while longer before he’s ready to make album three. However, ‘My House’ will more than appetite fan’s hunger in the meantime, and this side of his artistry that we’ll hopefully see more of in the future.


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