Deftones launch their own cannabis brand
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  • Post published:28/11/2021
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Photo Credit: Frank Maddocks


Deftones launch their own cannabis brand

    Alt-metal icons Deftones have launched their own cannabis brand. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, November 24th, to make the announcement, the band revealed that the first edition of the collection is called ‘The Passenger Box’ after their legendary White Pony song. They’ve collaborated with cannabis purveyor Golden Barn for the new project.

    “Throughout our career, it has been an ongoing mission to provide our fans with quality products,” the group announced. “Whether it’s music, beer, or tequila, we put in the time, care and effort to make sure we’re delivering merchandise to the market that (has) been thoroughly scrutinised by all of us.”

    The band then said that the “obvious” next step on this path is cannabis. They also revealed that in the not too distant future they will be releasing various different products in tandem with Golden Barn. With the cannabis grown in California, they also explained how they will be distributing their line across the state next week, in addition to the nine stores that stock it already.

    Per their announcement video, the new strain has a “great scent” and tastes as good as it smells. It also discusses all the other different components of the box, including edibles and vapes. Showing the new project to be typically Deftones, they also enlisted frequent collaborator, Frank Maddocks, who designed most of their best-known album sleeves, including White Pony and Saturday Night Wrist, to create the packaging. 

    For diehard Deftones fans, there’s no real surprise that they’ve finally got in on the weed game. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter has frequently discussed his love of Mary Jane at many points over the years, including that legendary smoke up he had at the bar of an Australian hotel in the ’00s. Some would even argue it’s about time the California heroes have cultivated their own strain.

    For long time fans of the band, seeing the White Pony logo on the packaging for the new box is a brilliant piece of fan service.

    Listen to ‘Passenger’ below.

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