Die Antwoord’s adopted son accuses the band of sexual abuse, exploitation and slavery
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  • Post published:26/04/2022
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(Credit: Die Antwoord)


Die Antwoord’s adopted son accuses the band of sexual abuse, exploitation and slavery


    Gabriel ‘Tokkie’ du Preez, the former adopted son of Die Antwoord, has claimed the couple kept him as a “slave” throughout his childhood, making allegations of child abuse, porn and exploitation.

    Tokkie has accused Yo-Landi Visser and Ninja, real names Anri du Toit and Watkin Jones, respectively, of physically and sexually abusing him and his underage younger sister. Tokkie is now 20 and has been out of their custody for two years, but his 14-year-old sister is believed to still live with the South African couple.

    In a new interview with News24, Tokkie revealed he was nine years old when the hip-hop duo “picked me up” in his community of Fietas. “My mother said it was going to be a good experience, so I went. I also thought it was good. But after a while I found out that they were just grooming me,” he revealed.

    Tokkie suffers from a rare skin disease called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, and he believes they were using him as a prop to boost their brand. He said: “They wanted to adopt me to make them more famous…They made me believe I was the devil”.

    He added: “They made me swear more and made me believe that I could burn people in hell and that I am the king of hell. They told me that I could bring darkness upon the world. They made me feel like I was actually a slave. They adopted me to be a slave. They made me feel like I wasn’t really being loved.”

    Last week, former Die Antwoord filmmaker Ben Jay Crossman uploaded a 44-minute interview with Tokkie on YouTube. His claims include exposing him to pornography and sex toys, making the children strip and join them in the sauna, Ninja asking his sister to get dressed in front of him, and getting a private clinic to withdraw their blood as part of a supposed ritual. 

    Additionally, they allegedly thanked Tokkie for stabbing his brother, made them reenact stabbing scenes, introduced the children to gangsters, and Yolandi exposed herself to Tokkie when he was 13 and gave him alcohol and drugs.

    He revealed he is currently worried about his welfare and said: “Anything can happen. They can send a hit man to come to my house to shoot me or my brother”. Tokkie added: “They are trying to groom my sister as they did to me”.

    Die Antwoord have denied his claims through their agent Scumeck Sabottka who said: “Die Antwoord don’t agree with Tokkie’s statements.”

    This is a developing story.

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