Drumming prodigy Nandi Bushell plays ‘Everlong’ with Foo Fighters
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  • Post published:30/08/2021
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(Credit: Nandhi Bushell)

Drumming prodigy Nandi Bushell plays ‘Everlong’ with Foo Fighters

    Eleven-year-old super musician Nandi Bushell revamped her never-ending quest to make a fool out of one David Eric Grohl by hopping on stage with the Foo Fighters at The Forum in Los Angeles Thursday night to perform the band’s signature song, ‘Everlong’.

    There are two simple rules to always abide by in life, Firstly, never start a land war in Asia, and, most importantly, never pick a fight with a child on the internet

    Of course, the “feud” between Grohl and Bushell is all good-natured, and Grohl is such a dad-tastic figure in rock and roll these days that he loves to play up the goofy fun any chance he gets. When Bushell challenged Grohl to a drum-off, Grohl gamely responded by playing his own daughters’ toy drum kit, but the world unanimously declared Bushell the winner because of the above.

    Bushell’s original video from a year ago showed her bashing away to the Foo’s consulate show-closer. Anyone with any knowledge about drums, or anyone with ears, can hear that the drum part in ‘Everlong’ is really freaking hard. It requires stamina, accuracy, and endurance that most rock songs don’t. Hell, most death metal songs don’t require this much sweat. The complexity of it basically makes it a jazz tune.

    To show his admittance of defeat, Grohl and the rest of the Foos invited Bushell onto the stage to close out their set with their ol’ standby. Taylor Hawkins simply watches as the crew wheels out a smaller drum kit for Bushell to play, surely terrified in the knowledge that he’s watching his replacement happen in real-time.

    Despite the challenging arrangement and obvious pressure of being in front of 17,000 fans, Bushell nails the performance and basks in the adulation of giving the business to a bunch of millionaires in their fifties and sixties. Take that, Pat Smear!

    Check out the performance down below.


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