Dutchkid tease debut album with new single ‘Light On’
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  • Post published:24/06/2021
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(Credit: Dutchkid)

Dutchkid tease debut album with new single ‘Light On’

    Dutchkid – ‘Light On’

    London alt-pop prodigies Dutchkid have released the latest taste of their upcoming debut LP with a brand new single ‘Light On’.

    Dutchkid are one of those bands that would more accurately be described as a “collective”: six members who write and produce their own music, design their own art, film their own videos, and basically accept a kind of autonomy that means they get to make their own destiny. If you love what they’re doing, there’s no middle man to take the credit. If you hate it, there’s no one else to blame.

    Thankfully, ‘Light On’ is a buzzy and captivating slice of electronica-indebted indie rock. Produced along with American ambient extraordinaire Shallou, the track rides a wave of easy hooks and polished production that is liable to bounce around your brain for hours on end. Part of the press release brags that Shallou is a “multi-million streaming artist”, which made me laugh a little bit, not because it isn’t a major accomplishment, but because that’s the barometer we’re using these days to measure success since buying music has gone the way the dodo and live performance have been nonexistent for a year and a half. We are truly living in the modern age.

    “‘Light On’ came from a writing session we had with Joe Boston aka ‘Shallou’,” bassist Jordi van Dyk explains. “We started off discussing the idea of feeling lonely in a crowd and that basic human need for connection. It was beautiful to see how the song kept evolving throughout the session and how vulnerability can lead to healing.”

    The notion of feeling lonely in a crowd is by now a bygone sensation, but luckily, it seems like we’ll all be able to once again feel insulated and longing while simultaneously being surrounded by a metric ton of bodies soon enough. Dutchkid themselves are saving their own live celebration for December 10, which will be the band’s first post-pandemic live gig at Oslo in East London. The band will perform their debut LP, which is either currently untitled or frustratingly absent from their press release, in full for an audience of honest to god fans. If you wish to count yourself among them, but need a solid starting point, ‘Light On’ is a great place to begin a deep dive on Dutchkid.

    Listen to ‘Light On’ down below.


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