Dylan Cartlidge shares ‘Hang My Head’
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  • Post published:28/05/2021
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Dylan Cartlidge shares ‘Hang My Head’

    Dylan Cartlidge – ‘Hang My Head’

    Dylan Cartlidge has shared his euphoric new single, ‘Hang My Head’.

    The North East soul sensation appeared on the BBC documentary, The Mighty Redcar back in 2018, which followed people’s struggles in a town that has faced its fair share of hardship. Now three years on, Cartlidge is set to release his debut project, Hope Above Adversity, this summer.

    ‘Hang My Head’ has that feel-good factor, and Cartlidge’s positivity is infectious across the track. His voice is stirring, and the singer has a seismic ability to cause waves of emotion. Although the song has come from a place of pain, Cartlidge successfully transforms this into something beautiful on ‘Hang My Head’.

    Speaking on the new track, Cartlidge said: “‘Hang My Head’ is a track about when you take a wrong turn or make a bad choice and feel like you’ve let yourself and others down. It’s then also about learning from your mistakes, growing from within and trying to get yourself back out the front door knowing that you are doing yourself, your work and your family justice.”

    Hope Above Adversity is scheduled for release on July 9th, and speaking about the project, Cartlidge added: “My trauma and adversity in childhood made me feel voiceless and destined for the worst. One day, I decided to use my experiences to create the hope for others that I so much lacked.

    “My first album, Hope Above Adversity, is my voice. It is an artistic statement of post-traumatic growth and overcoming adversity through holding on to hope. Created alongside world-class producers and engineers such as Eg White, James Dring, Dan Parry and Ed from Glass Animals, Hope Above Adversity is just the beginning of my story.”

    It’s an enticing effort from a genuine talent who shows off the full versatility of his skill set on ‘Hang My Head’ as Cartlidge also throws in a scintillating rap midway through the song. Take a few minutes out of your day to listen to ‘Hang My Head’, and you’ll feel better for it after.


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