Dylan John Thomas shares new song ‘Jenna’
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  • Post published:28/07/2021
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Dylan John Thomas shares new song ‘Jenna’

    Dylan John Thomas – ‘Jenna’

    Singer-songwriter Dylan John Thomas has released a new single, the charmingly propulsive indie-pop jam ‘Jenna’.

    If you listen very closely to the way Thomas articulates the words “how did it end up getting out of hand,” you might just be able to tell that the singer is Scottish. In all seriousness, ‘Jenna’ slots Thomas among the thickest propagators of the Scottish accent, right alongside Frankie Boyle and The Proclaimers.

    ‘Jenna’ has some quirky instrumentation driving it, including a blistering drum pattern and some crazy vibraphone-keyboard riffs, but it always comes back to Thomas’ thick brogue. The song is light and breezy enough to stay firmly planted in your brain, but it can get fairly cloying on the third or fourth go-around. There’s nothing subtle about ‘Jenna’ or Thomas, but if you like your indie pop-rock as ostentatious as possible, ‘Jenna’ is undeniably catchy.

    Thomas spent most of the 2020 pandemic boosting his online profile by recording acoustic covers by himself, showing off the range of his influences by taking on everyone from The Strokes’ ‘Someday’ to Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’. The year before, he supported Liam Gallagher during his stop at the SSE Hyrdo Arena in Glasgow.

    All in all, Thomas is a promising young artist who knows his way around a hook. He’s got a signature look, all poofy hair and trainer jackets and whatnot, an unmistakable voice, and the support of some big names in the industry. Here’s hoping it translates to something bigger and better because, even though it has its charms, ‘Jenna’ feels slight and relatively unambitious from a singer that can captivate in the right setting. ‘Jenna’ is alright, but it’s not the proper platform for Thomas to break out and make a huge impression.

    Check out the video for ‘Jenna’ down below.


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