Elton John to re-release ‘Madman Across The Water’ album
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  • Post published:24/04/2022
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Elton John to re-release ‘Madman Across The Water’ album

    Elton John has just announced a re-issue of Madman Across The Water as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. Recorded at Trident Studios, the singer’s fourth studio album is probably best known for its inclusion of ‘Tiny Dancer’, which is still a mainstay in the piano player’s setlist.

    Madman Across The Water will be reissued on June 10th, in an effort to celebrate the album’s birthday. It will be made available as a 3 part CD set, featuring a Blu-ray,disc in a super deluxe box set. It will also boast a limited edition coloured vinyl, in an effort to drum up more interest in the set.

    It will be a treat to fans, but the songwriter is interested in continuing to work on the new material. John worked with Damon Albarn on a Gorillaz track in 2020 and continues to contribute piano and harmonies to other artists’ material. It helps the artist who isn’t interested in personal and professional history maintain relevance in his own life and work, giving him the chance to maintain a contemporary spin on his personal life.

    “I’ve never lost the desire to hear new music,” he admitted in an interview. “..However, I also scan the websites of the NME and places like that to find records that I wouldn’t have heard. I’m always on the lookout for new things. I’ve become friends with most young artists on the record, and I just love promoting new records.”

    John commemorated his life in Dexter Fletcher’s Rocketman, a musical drama that starred Kingsman: The Golden Circle‘s Taron Egerton in the dual role of Reginald Dwight and Elton John. The film showed his rising interest in music, particularly as it provided solace and escapism following the separation of his parents.

    The film also starred Tintin actor Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin, John’s real-life lyricist and collaborator. The film also features Gemma Jones, Stephen Graham and Richard Madden as supporting characters in the Elton Johnverse. The picture shows how the people in his life inspired him to become the person and the man he was meant to be.

    Stream Madman Across The Water below.

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