English Teacher share new single ‘Wallace’ as a vision of the future
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  • Post published:29/06/2021
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(Credit: Sophie Jouvenaar)

English Teacher share new single ‘Wallace’ as a vision of the future

    If we needed something to take away the pain of being under the rule of cheats, morons and love rats, then English Teacher’s “apocalyptic monologue”, new single ‘Wallace’, is just the thing. It’s a diatribe of dire circumstances that not only acts as a reflection of the world around us but the impending doom that lay ahead. Happy weekend everybody.

    Okay, so this song isn’t going to be on your party playlist anytime soon, but if all you wanted was a brief piece of escapism, then stick on some Al Green and pretend it’s the seventies somewhere else. English Teacher aren’t just from 2021, but they’re looking way into the future. The real joy is that they’ve produced such a prophetic song by using the past.

    “‘Wallace’ is an apocalyptic monologue about what happens when people listen to Wallace Hartley, the band-leader of the Titanic, as a distraction to the sinking of the ship,” said the group of their new song, showing their artistic integrity with every new release.

    “Born in my hometown, his name is stretched across the door of our local Wetherspoons — thinking about the irony of this got me wrapped up in how the metaphor perfectly expressed my feelings towards the political leanings of the area and the general rise of the right-wing in modern England.”

    There’s a thread of menace that runs throughout the track. Not the kind of menace one feels when approaching a dark underpass or turning an unknown corner with a target on your back but the kind of underlying sinister notions that flood our airwaves every day — an accepted end to human civilisation and a refusal to change course to avoid it.

    It makes the Titanic reference a perfect vehicle for English Teacher’s solemn message and acts as a reminder of the talent the band have in their hands. Add to this their fierce sense of self, something imbued by the independent Leeds live music scene they were born out of, and you have a serious contender for “your new favourite band.”

    Listen to English Teacher’s new song ‘Wallace’ below.

    Nice Swan Records · English Teacher – Wallace


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