Eric Clapton “not concerned with being misunderstood” regarding Covid-19 claims
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  • Post published:28/01/2022
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Eric Clapton “not concerned with being misunderstood” regarding Covid-19 claims


    Eric Clapton has stated that he is not concerned about being misunderstood regarding his conspiratorial and false remarks on the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine. 

    The 76-year-old musician has made various comments and released singles that have proved conspiratorial in nature throughout the pandemic, including the false claim that the vaccine could potentially affect fertility. Needless to say, this claim has no scientific grounding. 

    Subsequently, however, in an interview with Real Music Observer, the vaccinated former Cream man has said that he was neither for nor against the vaccine. 

    “I’m making a rod for my own back by talking about the thing and the things,” he stated, “but one thing about the thing I would like to make clear – because I have to keep re-establishing it – is I’m neither anti or pro.”

    Continuing to say: “I’m freedom of choice, really, and respect for other people, and kindness, and the things that used to motivate, or were things to aspire to. Aspirations towards goodness. And I’m also quite, in an abstract way, religion – I believe in God and I think there’s a purpose. And this seems to be my purpose for the moment.”

    The religious man then proceeded to label dissenting voices “monsters” and opined that those expressing scientifically-backed concerns are “always going to be after people who are looking for truth or seeking something, a way forward”.

    Later, the musician remarked that he was “not that concerned with being misunderstood,” he added. “You can make decisions about what you’re going to do or say without being overly concerned about the repercussions. When the repercussions happen, that’s when maybe I will learn my lesson about, well you shouldn’t have said that, or you should have said this.”

    Whether or not he feels that he was open to being misunderstood when he espoused in the first half of the interview that people may well have been hypnotised by YouTube into getting the vaccine is anyone’s guess. However, for now, you can catch his latest anti-Covid-19 measures song on YouTube.

    The repercussions for Clapton have been somewhat catastrophic. “Over the last year,” he explained, “there’s been a lot of disappearing, a lot of dust around with people moving away quite quickly, and it has, for me, refined the kind of friendships I have. And it’s dwindled down to the people that I obviously really need and love.”

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