Eric Clapton shares new anti-vaxxer track ‘This Has Gotta Stop’
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  • Post published:31/08/2021
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(Credit: Majvdl)

Eric Clapton shares new anti-vaxxer track ‘This Has Gotta Stop’

    Over recent months, Eric Clapton has been a prominent figure espousing incorrect and dangerous misinformation regarding the pandemic and the vaccine. 

    His latest tirade against collectivism comes in the form of a new song entitled ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ which sees him tackle Covid-19 protection measures. 

    The lyrics to the song read: “I can’t take this B.S. any longer/ It’s gone far enough/ You wanna claim my soul, you’ll have to come and break down this door.”

    While the soul-claimer remains obfuscated, the rest of the lyrics are clearly about Covid-19 and the bid to stop the spread of the virus. 

    The video for the gentle country melody features spiral-eyed masses and a Big Brother-like leader yelling at them. The track itself is largely regarded as a misfire.

    Recently, Clapton also announced that he will not perform any concerts that require proof of vaccination following the lifting of restrictions in the UK last month. 

    Meanwhile, top UK scientists continue to urge people to get vaccinated to mitigate the unnecessary loss of life fuelled by the unvaccinated public.

    If you wish to view the video, you can find it via Eric Clapton’s official channels.


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