Eric Clapton speaks out against Covid vaccine, incorrectly claims it may affect fertility
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Eric Clapton speaks out against Covid vaccine, incorrectly claims it may affect fertility

    Eric Clapton has spoken out against the side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccine and the side-effects that left him unwell for a prolonged period. The musician has also speculated about unproven long-term effects of the vaccine that medical professionals have disputed.

    His comments deriding the vaccine scheme should come as little surprise after joining forces with Van Morrison in 2020 for the anti-lockdown single, ‘Stand and Deliver’. Clapton then reluctantly took the vaccine but claims to have faced severe side effects, and in a new interview, he’s gone into detail about his own experience.

    Clapton spoke to Oracle Films, who state on their website to “have joined the fight for open debate and freedom of information in the face of global government encroachment and big-tech censorship”. They also claim in their Twitter bio to be a platform for those who ‘#DareToThink’.

    “The vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around again,” Clapton said in the interview. “That’s still going on. Then I read a lot of the evidence that I’d been reading about people that had adverse reactions. That was on the list, damage to the immune system.

    The guitarist was then asked if he felt like he’d been made aware of the risks of the vaccine beforehand and replied: “Oh god no. I lost the use of my hands for about three weeks. I thought I was in real trouble.”

    Clapton then discussed how finding Italian anti-lockdown activist and architect Robin Monotti on social media helped him, as he felt like he had nobody else to speak to but stumbled on a community online of like-minded people.

    “Now I’ve stopped watching TV,” Clapton continued. “One of the cartoons was a drawing of a guy interviewing two Quakers, and saying, ‘How come none of your community have got Covid?’, and he says, ‘Well, we don’t watch TV’. It’s so true man, so much of the sickness is in our heads.

    “I experienced it when you get caught in a trap where can you believe what your heart tells you is right or is it going against the narrative. Can I talk about how I feel to my family? It doesn’t get riskier than that,” he added.

    “My fear about vaccination is what will it do to my children, part of the reason, maybe the biggest part of the reason why I’m talking here today with you. To talk to my daughters about how they may not be able to have kids, they probably don’t care at that point and time of your life. It’s not an issue.”

    Earlier this year, a study by the British Medical Journal confirmed there was no connection between fertility and receiving the vaccine.

    If gigs don’t resume again anytime soon, there’s a talking head slot at GB News with Clapton’s name on it.


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