Finneas and Fender team up for new guitar hotline
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Finneas and Fender team up for new guitar hotline

    American producer extraordinaire Finneas has teamed up with folks at Fender to launch a new hotline for the American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster.

    For those of you who aren’t guitar geeks, the American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster is the latest in a new line of hybrid guitars from Fender that attempts to combine the playability and versatility of the company’s classic electric guitars with the warm ambience and classic sound of an acoustic guitar. It seemed like a novelty when the company initially released the Stratocaster version, but reviews have been almost uniformly positive, so I might have to grab one myself (once I find that $2,000 I left lying in the couch cushions).

    Honestly, I’ve been wavering back and forth between whether this is just a silly advert or a genuinely genius marketing tool. The amount of effort that Fender has put into this hotline is pretty surprising: Press 1 to leave a message to Finneas (I’m sure people will be civil and articulate, as human beings who participate in viral marketing schemes tend to be), Press 2 to talk to a live Fender Gear representative. The hold music is Finneas’ song ‘What They’ll Say About Us’.

    It’s all kind of weirdly perfect. I want to be snarkier or more critical of the hotline, but it seems to have worked well when I gave it a call, and there seems to be some actual thought and care put into this promotion. Fender, like any major company, occasionally coerces artists to act as shills for their product, but by all accounts, Finneas’ enthusiasm for the Acoustasonic is authentic: he played a Telecaster model during Billie Eilish’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert last year and during her performance of ‘I Love You’ on Saturday Night Live. Do I smell a signature model coming in the future? Eilish already has her own signature model ukulele, so it’s certainly a possibility.

    If you’re in the UK, you can call the hotline at 0800 015 2838. If you’re in the US, the number is 833 4-JAZMSTR. The line will be open from July 21 to August 4, Monday through Friday, but weirdly only for two hours at a time from noon to 2pm, so make sure to call Finneas during his office hours.

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