Fizzy Blood share brand new song ‘Complementary’
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  • Post published:12/11/2021
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Fizzy Blood share brand new song ‘Complementary’


    Fizzy Blood – ‘Complementary’

    Leeds indie rockers Fizzy Blood have solidified their return with a brand new single, ‘Complementary’.

    The new track follows on the heels of the band’s previous single ‘Ka Palaho Beach’, which represented the band’s first new music since the release of the Pink Magic EP back in September of 2018.

    “It feels good to be back!”, vocalist Benji Inkley says in a press release. “We’ve been sitting patiently on new music for a few years now and to finally be able to share it with everyone is such a buzz. What I’m feeling can only be described as a mixture of pride and relief haha.”

    “‘Complementary’ wasn’t originally marked by any of us at the time of writing as a single but we’ve all come to love it,” Inky continues. “The lyrics, the sound, everything. It’s one of the tracks on the album that you could leave on repeat and just never turn off.”

    I have no idea why, but my brain initially had a massive block trying to wrap itself around the time signature of the song. It wasn’t until the pre-chorus kicked in that the relatively simple 3/4 waltz time became clear. Maybe it’s because every new song I hear that’s not by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is usually restrained to 4/4, but it was refreshing to be somewhat discombobulated at the outset. It made me listen closer.

    When you pay attention, what you wend up with is a pretty solid soul-inspired indie rocker about the mental gymnastics that love often puts you through. Inkey has quite a mouthful to get out, and the sheer amount of syllables he’s able to fit in each stanza is impressive on its own. He goes into overdrive around the second verse as he jumps an octave and discusses his letter-writing habits. It’s all quite compelling, as the band continues to lay down a solid white boy R&B groove behind him.

    Check out the lyric video for ‘Complementary’ down below.

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