Fleet Foxes set to release new live album ‘A Very Lonely Solstice’
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  • Post published:08/12/2021
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(Credit: Sean Pecknold)


Fleet Foxes set to release new live album ‘A Very Lonely Solstice’


    Last year, the frontman of the Washington band Fleet Foxes performed in a live stream entitled A Very Lonely Solstice during a performance at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn. Now, it has been announced that the solo performance that consoled a very scared audience during Covid and lockdown will be the indie-folk band’s next album. It will be released on digital platforms on December 10th, along with the CD and vinyl editions expected to be released next year.  

    The album will be released with plenty of notice ahead of the winter solstice on December 21st, giving listeners a great deal of time to appreciate the album before the longest day of the year. The band’s frontman, Robin Pecknold, described the performance as “me by myself on the longest night of the year… honouring the loneliness of 2020 with a nylon string and some songs new and old”. 

    Following up from their previous 2020 album Shore, the 13-track record consists of covers including Nina Simone’s ‘In The Morning’ and ‘Wading In Waist-High Water’ and ‘Can I Believe You’ from Shore. The album will be streamed on YouTube as a premier event for premium subscribers, concluding with a Q&A from Pecknold. The premium event will also be presented by radio host Elia Einhorn. 

    The album release shows just how busy Pecknold really is, arriving as he recently announced he is hosting online songwriting workshops. The sessions will take place between January 16th and February 6th every Sunday from 11am to 12pm PST and 6pm to 7pm to ensure that it is fair for everyone around the world. These workshops will set you back £89.25 each or £71.40 for two sessions.  

    A Very Lonely Solstice limited edition on CD and vinyl is available for pre-order now.  

    Check out the Grammy-nominated band’s tracklist below.  

    A Very Lonely Solstice Tracklisting:

    • Wading In Waist-High Water 
    • Sunblind 
    • In The Morning 
    • Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 
    • Maestranza 
    • Helplessness Blues 
    • Silver Dagger 
    • Featherweight 
    • A Long Way Past The Past 
    • Blue Spotted Tail 
    • If You Need To, Keep Time on Me 
    • I’m Not My Season 
    • Can I Believe You 

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